Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have to share this site:

I'm not sure how I stumble upon it but I'm glad I did. You just have to email one of the Fiskateers and they will email you back a link to join. You get a free pair of fiskars scissors for joining and they have contests and challenges to win other prizes. The message board is very active and members post challenges and form groups to crop together online.

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May #004 said...

Hi Lisa- So glad you found us and are enjoying the fiskateers. We have events all over the united states, share tons of inspiration on the blog, and of course you've discovered the fun of our message board too! :) I love the community of crafters we've created, and I hope you enjoy being one of us.

We're way more than scissors- that's for sure! See you at fiskateers-

May #004