Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No cardstock

I challenged myself today to make a page with no cardstock in order to try to put a dent in all the patterned paper that I collect and never use. See Layout below.

Now I issue the same challenge to fellow scrappers out there!


Anonymous said...

Good luck blogging.
love, elin

~Kathryn~ said...

the blog looks great
have fun with it
i'm just in the process of moving mine

Latharia said...

Oh boy ... THAT is a tough one!!! :D I'll see if I can accept your challenge tomorrow!

Yvette said...

Great blog! How old is your old dog? Mine is a 15yo labrador cross whose main goal each day is emit as much gas as possible! LOL! Alos have two cats who will sleep anywhere comfy, includding my scrap table and laptop! sigh!

Chris said...

Well done on starting to blog... you've done a fab job so far :D Loving all of your layouts and TFS your tips :D Happy blogging!!