Monday, April 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Colleen tagged me to come up with six random things about myself. I am struggling with trying to do a layout about myself, so maybe this will help.

1. I am an animal lover and I can't remember a time in my life when I was petless! I have one dog and two cats. If I could I would like to foster pets that had been abused, maybe one day when I retire to the country I will. My Casey, 19 year old mutt, was abused and I have had her for 16 years and she has never been abused in my care, but she still cowers when someone pets her on the head. All three of my animals we rescued, I would never buy a breeded animal when so many others need homes.
2. I am addicted to scrapping and I don't feel like I am wasting time doing it, I feel that long after I am gone my family will cherish my scrapbooks. I spend was too much time making them come out just right, but I know they will be appreciated.
3. I love football, college or pro, I am a football fanatic! In the off season I will watch a movie about football just to get my fix.
4. On the average day I listen to music more than I watch TV, unless it's football season!
5. I am a spoiler of children mine or anyone children. I think childhood is a time for play and that adulthood comes soon enough not to let them have fun.
6. I have five great friends that have been my friend for more than thirty years and I could call anyone of them anytime and they would be here for me and do anything they could. I would do the same for them.

Thank you Colleen, I think writing those six random things will make my layout easier. Now I want to tag Judy, Flossie and Susan. Please don't feel obligated to complete this, it's just for fun and I don't want you to feel stressed about doing it!


Colleen said...

Lisa, glad my tag helped you. My husband wishes I liked football as much as you. He lives for the sport. Good luck on your layout about you.

Kimmie0270 said...

Is there a bling challenge winner yet?

Dianna said...

LOVE #5 *!*
SO true...the hard part is trying not to make a monster in the process!
#5 is awesome :)