Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tim Holtz

I joined I Scrap yesterday because they were having Tim Holtz as a guest in their chat room last night. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was worth the $5 fee to find out. Well, Tim was in the room for over an hour and after the chat hostess concluded a brief interview the attendees were able to ask questions. It was awesome, I was chatting with Tim Holtz. He answered everyone's questions. It was well worth the $5 to join this site. It is normally $25, but they are running a special right now to get new members.

It is not an ordinary message board, they don't sell scrapbook kits. They have great contests with awesome prizes. I wouldn't normally recommend a site, but this one is really great. They took requests for who we would like to chat with, I said Heidi Swapp. They have promised to have other chats like the one with Tim. They are offering a free techniques class at the end of June.

If you decide to join please click the blinkie I put up on the right and mention my member number #712448, I get points that you can redeem if you mention the number.

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MamaSheg said...

Thanks, I've looked into this before and will have to go check it out again. I'm a big fan of Tim too!!