Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tag I'm It

Sorry Tina, I totally forgot you tagged me! Here are seven random things about me:
1. I was named Lisa after a soap opera character on As the World Turns.
2. My middle name is Leigh and I don't know why, my Mom and Dad don't know why they came up with that name and what's even worse I gave that name to my daughter!
3. I'm from a very small town and the older I get the more I miss it, I live near Memphis now. Even though in a small town if you fart everybody smells it!
4. I still make the 2 hour drive to said small town to get my hair I can keep up with the lastest gossip.
5. I justify the time and money I spend on scrapbooking because I am preserving my family history...yeah right. My name is Lisa and I am a scrapaholic!
6. Some days I am in my pajamas most of the day.
7. I have 5 friends from my childhood that I am still very close to and we see each other as often as we can.

Now I have to tag seven people and if I've tagged you before, I forgot and I'm sorry. Don't feel guilty if you don't want to participate.
1. Robin
2. Judy
3. Kylie
4. Amy
5. Donna
6. Dianna
7. Greta


LisaW said...

lol - I remember Lisa! gosh I'm getting old. I was named after Nat King Cole's Mona Lisa. So glad they didn't pick Mona. ;-)

Kylie in Warsaw said...

My sister's middle name is Leigh. She was named after our neighbor across the street. I always thought that was weird. I wouldn't give my children names of people I knew even if I liked the name because of that. My oldest son's middle name was going to be James, but we knew someone with that name (you know, 'cause it's an uncommon name:P).