Thursday, February 7, 2008

CD Mini Album

I made this mini book with old CDs that AOL use to send out all the time. I just bought the Zutter Bind it All and although it did take a little muscle it cut the holes through the Cds and the binding feature is really great. You could also use a CropADile to punch holes through the CDs. I only used three CDs, but you could use as many as you wanted and you could bind the book with ribbon.


RobinDiane said...

The CD Mini Album is great! Great idea..I was just thinking earlier that the crop-a-dile would punch holes through CDs. You are so creative!!!!

I know I love that scrapbook armoire..I only wish I had the funds or could find someone to build something similar.

NanaBeth said...

I have been wanting to do one of these forever-how too cute! Post some instructions please for the creatively impaired.

Ginger said...

Cute little album....I wrote about it over at

Magical Creative Spirit

I think our members will like it...Great job...creative!

Kylie in Warsaw said...

I like the CD album! I make Christmas ornaments for my kids' godparents out of old CDs and now that I'm finally getting a crop a dile (not the big bite) it will be SO much easier!

Deanna said...

This is adorable Lisa! What an awesome idea! I have the bind-it-all but have never ventured from binding cardstock, chipboard, or acrylic... Thanks for sharing!