Friday, February 1, 2008

Double Vision Contest

Spot the seven differences in the layouts above and I you will be entered in a drawing to be held on Wednesday 2/6/08 at 5pm central time. I'm sure you can find many subtle differences, but I only need seven. Click on the photo for a closer look. The winner will get a scrappy surprise package!

Tip of the day when you have double prints of your photos go ahead and make two layouts and give the extra to your friends or family. They will love it!


Felony Runner said...
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Lizard said...

1.the flowers are all differnt,
2.the red tag has writing on one and not on the other.
3.the pink ribbion looks bigger on the second one then on the right one
4.the brad flowers are differnt colors ontop on the first photo, ones red and the other blue
5. the vellum/see thru flowers on the corner of the photo on the bottom left are differnt colors and shapes
6. the beige ribbion on the red tag is curled at one end on one layout and is not curled on the other layout
7. the blig in the center of the flower on the top-most photo are differnt colors and so are the flowers

thats all i could find

NanaBeth said...

I went for the super simple-7 different flowers.
NanaBeth Fiskateer #2906

Candy #3015 said...

This was so fun....
1. writing on tag
2. different color flower on the top pic
3. different color flower on pic #2
4. different color flower on top right side of circle
5. longer pink ribbon on top right side
6. Bottom flower different color
7. different color rhinestones

Thanks for the chance to win a surprise....


Anonymous said...

Hi I came over from Fiskateers! Thanks for posting this fun contest.

1. Right LO tag has journaling on it
2. Flowers placed on top of the pictures are different colors
3. Flowers near top of LO are different colors on each LO
4. Flowers beside pic are different colors on each LO
5. Rhinestones are different colors
6.Brad flowers are different colors
7. Pink ribbon on the tag is longer on the second LO

Thanks!! Alicia fiskateer #3194

RobinDiane said...

Hey Lisa--
Right LO tag has journaling
and all 7 flowers are different colors on both pages!!!

Laura1943 said...

yes...ez is the 7 flowers are unique on each layout...(nice touch)...and the journaling on one is finished!!

Cute idea !

Debby said...

Okay lets give it a shot.
1. Different flowers everywhere...does that count for several differences?
2. Journaling in one and not the other.
3. Different color on the "brad" embellishment at the top.
4. Little different arrangement with the flowers at the bottom left.
5. Acylic flowers different.
6. different color centers to your flowers.
7. slight difference is length of ribbon on both of the ribbon accents.
Great job on the layout. What a close up look we got. Great going!!

Barb (#2975 at Fiskateers) said...

pink tag has writing
different flower is layered on top photo
6 different flowers / brads on layout
photos on second row are shifted to rt
different ribbons (length & tying)

Melissa Fiskateer #2396 said...

Cool layout. Must be one for you and one for a friend. I like that idea!

1) Right tag has writing, left doesn't.
2) Upper right flower brad is blue on the left and red on the right.
3) Clear and colored flower on left is pink and blue on the right.
4) Flower on the far right is white and blue in the left layout and pink and yellow in the right one.
5) Partial flower on the top photo is pink in the left layout and beige on the right.
6) Flower on the bottom left is black, red and cream on the left and pink, and white on the right.
7) The big flower at the bottomof the page is pink and black on the left layout and red and pink with a blue center on the right.
8) Just for good measure...The little flower brad on the bottom, maybe that's not a brad, is red on the left layout and blue on the right.

KellyB said...

Ok, these are what I saw: no writing on one tag, 7 different flowers, different color rhinstone on flower on photo, different brads on flowers.
KellyB Fiskateer #3476

ScrapHappy said...

What a fun challenge! I will have to scraplift this idea some time. :)

bea said...

Ribbons different lengths
writing on right side red tag
scroll work in top left and bottom right are different on each
Nashville is diffrent
clear flowers are different colors and flowers
On left pic on right side the flowers are blue and right pink
Guess I could say all flowers different and that would get all 7 at once.

TurtleLady's Tales said...

You didn't fill in the info on the pink tag
Sandy~Turtlelady #1715

Gardenwife said...

Hi! This looks fun...

1. The clear flower stickers are different in each layout

2. One pink tag is filled out, but one is left blank

3. The flower brads are different colors on each layout

4. The silk flowers are different colors and types on each layout

5. The jewel in the center of the paper flower on the photo is different color on each layout; each paper flower is different, too.

6. The paper flower at the bottom is different on each layout

7. The photos are placed in slightly different places in each

I like the layout, by the way!

Fiskateer #2626

Anonymous said...

You were in my"neck of the woods" I live in Murfreesboro about 30 miles from Nashville..great idea with the two pages alike....
the tags are different one written on is not.
The flowers are all different
The photos are not exactly placed alike
The brads are all different...
This was a fun the way I love your blog...I have bookmarked ya!!
Thanks...patti smith Fiskateer #1442

doverdi said...

Great LO!

1.Different color flower embellishment at top right
2.different color prima flower on top right side lower down
3.tag has journaling on the right LO and none on the left LO
4.different color clear flower embellishment on left side of LO
5.Flower embellishments are different color on lower left side of LO
6.picture placement is over farther under the clear flower embellishment on the right LO
7.Nashville picture is over farther on the right LO.

Fiskateer #1329

Mandiannie said...

The flowers are all different. There's 7 on the page and you've changed either the color or the whole thing.
Cool page and cool challenge.

Patty 2832 said...

Journal card writing

Top flower brad color

top right flower color

left right flower color/shape

bottom left flower color/shape

bottome sm flower brad color

bottome flower shape/color

The flower that's on the top photo shape/color

bows are tied /cut differently

Nice photo's ...looks like a good time!

Brenmarie said...

1.All the flowers are different in one way or another.

2.There is Journaling on one tag and not on the other.

3.Nashville is written bigger on one photo

4.Well on one can be perfect but the ribbon coming out of the pink tag is longer on one.

5.Stamping is clearer on one then the other.

6.The Nashville photo and the one beside it are both not placed the same.

7.The third picture is also not placed the same.

Brenmarie #1175

Scrappy Rat said...

Starting from the bottom left, then moving up row by row...
1. The black flower is pink on the second layout.
2. The red snowflake is blue on the second.
3. The flower on the right is less spirographic looking
4. The middle pink flower is blue and smaller on the second layout.
5. On the top level the journaling tag on the left has no journaling, but the one on the right does.
6. The blue flower at the top of pink on the second layout.
7. The blue flower by the pink ribbon is pink on the second layout.

Thanks for doing this. It was a really fun challenge. :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome LO and a great idea to make 2!

1. Journaling on one tag and not on the other.
2. Acylic flowers are different shape and color.
3. Different color brad flower's at the top.
4. Bottom left flower is a different color and shape.
5. The vellum flower is a different color and shape.
6. The rhinestone in the center of the flower on the photo is a different color.
7. Flower's on the upper right side are different colors and shapes.

Roseann said...

I'm going with the seven flowers, different in each l/0, and there is journaling on one and not the other. Roseann #2933

Kristin in OH said...

1. Tag on right has writing.
2. Flowers on top are different colors.
3. Flowers on top pictures are different.
4. Pink ribbon on left is longer.
5. Flowers under pink ribbon are different.
6. Flowers on left side are different.
7. Three flowers along bottom are different.

Kristin #2764